Video 20 Apr 1 note

Arvo Pärt - Te Deum

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday, everyone!

Video 19 Apr 3 notes

Arvo Pärt - Silentium

Photo 19 Apr 3 notes New I.D. “you look like a Slavic med student”

New I.D. “you look like a Slavic med student”

Photo 19 Apr 3 notes About to get my new photo I.D. renewal picture, so I decided to go mean muggin.

About to get my new photo I.D. renewal picture, so I decided to go mean muggin.

Video 18 Apr 4 notes

Claude Debussy - Estampes - 1. Pagodes (Sviatoslav Richter)

Really love the gamelan sounding influences, very delicate and colourful.

Text 16 Apr 5 notes

a man contacted me recently through email that he got thru my bandcamp page, saying he books shows in Philadelphia at three venues (two of which I know of), and asked if I was interested in talking further and would like to have me in to play sometime.

While I’m quite interested to respond, part of me doesn’t feel ready to do a live show since I don’t really have any idea of WHAT I would even do during a live set (never played live before at all) or how to set one up; I pretty much only have my laptop and sequencer and don’t think it would be terribly entertaining for others. I know it would be a good opportunity to spread my music to a wider group of people and gain new fans, but my self esteem being so low + my high standards for myself dictates to me that my music isn’t good enough to be played live, nor do I feel like it would be worth going out to see especially since I am not sure of how it would be any different from me just being a DJ of songs I’ve made. I’m typically not a fan of going to concerts myself anyway, so it is a really strange predicament to try and view it from the audience’s eyes/ears and what they would want to see. Being crippled by fear and uncertainty is not a good time.

In the end, I should probably do it just for the experience, but forcing myself to do so is a huge hurdle.

Video 2 Apr

Johannes Ockeghem - Deo Gratias

wake up in the morning to some good ol’ polyphony.

Photo 1 Apr 5 notes I haven’t worn a suit in ages.

I haven’t worn a suit in ages.

Audio 30 Mar 29 notes


O Sacrum Convivium (3:38), composed by Olivier Messiaen
performed by John Rutter and the Cambridge Singers

nothing i can possibly say will do this piece any justice… i’ve been sitting here, incapable of focusing on anything but music for the past few hours! this piece is incredible. it’s signature messiaen, of course, and most people interested in real choir repertoire already know this, but if you haven’t heard this… wow…

this is on another level.

Played 2,319 times. via turnt up mozart.
Video 29 Mar 4 notes

Olivier Messiaen’s improvisations on grand church organ.

Church organ is a top 5 instrument.

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